I started in the art world as a professional dancer and through the course of my life I have expanded to find passion in many different artistic endeavors including graphic design, photography, website design and illustration. I am blessed with the ability to multi task and manage multiple projects to bring to life the visions and dreams of my clients. 

As a creative designer across media for jewelry, lifestyle, dance, photography, non-profit and holistic brands, I believe that my design skills grounded in a multidisciplinary emphasis would be beneficial to developing new content for you and your brand. 

haley busch photography

I find inspiration from Mother Nature + Human Nature.

As a woman raised in California and grown in New York City, This blend of energy has shaped a unique perspective shown in my work.


Freedom, expression, wild. 

To have the honor of witnessing, capturing and transcending the emotions of my clients is an honor I will always cherish

Joshua tree, California

Jordan Anderson