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brand guide | investor deck | consultation | social media management

Through the use of color, typography, design and more, I have created a beautiful way to bring together your vision. Here is one example of a brand guide I did for ODD YOGA, a surf + skate inspired wellness brand that focuses on yoga + massage. They have a fun, groovy vibe that they want their clients to be drawn to. We worked together to create a social platform, a website, and a client base that allows them to engage with their community in an impactful way. 


Here is another example of a personal branding project I am currently working on. This client has been working in this industry for a while and is looking to create a cohesive brand around her already stellar services. This woman takes a wholistic approach to wellness to the next level. Introducing a fresh and fun approachable energy to her. I am excited to see where this project takes her!

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