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Facetime Photoshoots

all photos on this page were taken during a FaceTime session

One thing that the world will always need is art. 


To create something out of nothing. To see beauty where there is none. To take pain and make something glorious. This will always speak to us as humans. The connection we feel to each other is spoken through a language without words. 


Art. This is forever.

What a time to be alive. Artists have had to adapt and become more creative than ever. 


I had the amazing opportunity to create my first ever FaceTime photo session both as a model and as a photographer in 2020. It is beautiful to be able to create from worlds away, to make art through our collective resources. During our time together in a FT photo session, my objective is to display the emotion and the tenderness of the human experience.


 How lovely it is to create amidst the chaos and uncertainty.



I had the honor of creating with this magic woman during quarantine. The summer of COVID-19. I have known Keri for almost 10 years now. She is the ultimate muse and inspires me with her magic every single day. Creating with her is one of the highlights of my life. What a blessing to process the emotions of this time with such a magical woman. From across the country, her soul in Hawaii and mine in New York City, we created a vulnerable, transcendent, raw, safe, delicate, expressive reality for about an hour and a half. This reality felt more real than anything else I experienced during this time....

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One of the most honest and true creatives I have had the pleasure of working with, first as dancers and then exploring creativity in quarantine during one of my first FT photo sessions. We created a world to express how we were feeling trapped in this world. We told the story of a woman contained inside a this might feel, how this might look. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such incredibly talented women. I am deeply inspired and entranced by how this woman walks through the world. Her movement vocabulary is captivating and her choices tell a story in such a beautiful way. Thank you for being down for wild and new things. 

Photo Jun 24, 3 54 07 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 24, 4 56 07 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 24, 5 05 16 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 24, 4 56 08 AM.jpg
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